UConn HealthFlow Cytometry

Welcome to the UConn Health Flow Cytometry Core

The UConn Health Flow Cytometry Facility provides flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting services to all UConn researchers as well as researchers at neighboring institutions. The facility, located on the 6th floor of the E building in room E6014, consists of a 900 square-foot lab space, complete with fume hood, centrifuge, and sink space. The facility currently has six instruments available for cellular analysis and two cell sorters.

We house two four-color BD FACS Calibur instruments, three BD LSR II instruments, a MACSQuant10, and two BD FACS ARIA II high speed cell sorters. Two of our LSR II instruments are equipped with five lasers and are capable of 15 or 18 parameter analysis. One of our LSR II instruments is equipped with four lasers and is capable of 13 parameter analysis.

Our FACS ARIA II cell sorters are both equipped with five lasers; one can analyze 15 parameters, and the other is capable of 18 parameter analysis. Additionally, the 15 parameter FACS ARIA II is installed in a Baker Bioprotect III safety cabinet, which facilitates analysis and sorting of potentially biohazardous samples.

We also provide several computer workstations with flow cytometry and cytometric bead array analysis software. These include: FlowJo (Treestar Inc.), BD FACS DIVA (BD Bioscience), Cell Quest Pro (BD Bioscience), ModFit LT (Verity), and FCAP Array (BD Bioscience).

The facility is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. After hours or weekend access is permitted for trained UConn Health employees. Please contact us with any questions regarding the facility, flow cytometry, or the development of new applications.